Free HIV test location in Rotterdam

Anonymous, fast, free, without appointment

AHF Europe opens new free HIV checkpoint in Rotterdam, supported by HivPort Foundation and Foundation Humanitas Rotterdam

AHF checkpoint (popup) in Rotterdam is open in the Humanitas building, Pieter de Hoochweg 110, 3024 BH Rotterdam.

Starting Wednesday 26 September 2018, people from in and around Rotterdam can get themselves tested on HIV. Free, fast & anonymous. No appointment needed.

The name of this HIV test location is "AHF Checkpoint (Pop-up) Rotterdam". The organizations behind this initiative consider it vitally important that more people get tested on HIV on a regular basis. If you have HIV without being aware of it, you may get seriously ill and may also infect others.

The AHF Checkpoint pop-up will open twice (two times) per month: on the second Wednesdays and on the last Wednesdays. Please check the schedule below.

How and where ?
  • You want to get tested on HIV?
  • Check opening hours / dates in schedule below
  • Take public transport, bike or car to the Pieter de Hoochweg 110, 3024 BH Rotterdam (click for Google Maps) ("Humanitas" building)
  • At the reception, mention: "I am here for the Checkpoint" (anonymous)
  • The reception will show you the waiting area, where you will be picked up.

Dates & times :

  • Normally open on the 2nd and last Wednesdays:
    • 2020
      • Wednesday & 29 January 2020
      • Wednesday 2 & 26 February 2020
      • March + April + May 2020: temporarily closed, due to the corona virus (COVID-19).
      • Re-opening 10 JUNE 2020: you will need to make an APPOINTMENT via the English AHF website AHF: or check the current conditions at GGD Rotterdam (info in Dutch) which are very limited. Or ask your own local doctor (GP "general practitioner") to arrange an HIV test appointment locally (not anonymous)
      • Wednesday 24 June (appointment necessary - see above)
      • Wednesdays in July, August, etc... back to the original schedule of twice/month
  • Hours: from 10:00 hr - 17:00 hr (no appointment needed)

The test
  • The HIV test is free of charge
  • The tester/counselor will ask you a few questions, always confidentially and anonymously.
  • The actual test is done on a minuscule drop of blood taken from you using the so-called finger-prick.
  • After 1 minute the test will show a reaction if you have HIV antibodies in your blood.
  • The test is 99,5% reliable after a 'window period' *) of 12 weeks.
  • If the test does not give a reaction, this means that no HIV antibodies have been detected
  • If the test does give a reaction, you (most likely) have HIV and the tester/counselor will do a longer counseling session with you. You will then be able to discuss HIV, subsequent tests, options for treatment, counseling, care and other help and support available to you.
  • AHF Checkpoint will, only with your consent, always assist to get you into the (health)care system, once HIV antibodies have been discovered.
  • After the test you can go home. The finger prick does not leave any visible marks.
*) "window period" : the time between a possible HIV infection and the moment when the test can render precise results.

About AHF
AHF is a globally operating non-profit organization that has also been active in the Netherlands for many years, amongst others with their mobile test van and their Amsterdam-based checkpoint .

AHF Checkpoint in the Netherlands offers free and confidential rapid HIV tests, counseling and advice to anyone who needs it. The tests are executed by fully qualified HIV testers and counselors , using the latest technology in HIV tests and guidelines from the UN. Many more details on HIV and the test can be found on the AHF website.

About Humanitas & the Humanitas Hiv Support Center
"Humanitas bureau HIV-hulpverlening" supports people with HIV and AIDS since 1986 already. For mental and personal support and questions around HIV, sexuality, relationships, acceptance, family and relatives. But also around finance, contact with hospitals, housing and government communication. Most help and support comes via personal contact, counseling, therapy, buddy projects and meetings with others with HIV.
The (Dutch) website is

More about HivPort Foundation
This website ( is run by us, "Foundation Hiv Portaal Rotterdam". Feel free to check around what we do to support and empower people with HIV and other activities aimed at prevention and information. Most pages are in Dutch. Feel free to contact us or have a look at our HIV GUIDE. that provides you with a list of all HIV-related organizations in the (wider) Rotterdam area and beyond. From hospitals to drinks, from personal help to medication. Though the HIV GUIDE. is written in Dutch, you will notice how easily you can navigate through the categories without too much trouble. However, if you need help, contact us on

Questions on the HIV test?
You can e-mail us (, but it's much faster to call us: +31206206261